Nellithope was once a tiny farmland along the sea shores of the Bay of Bengal. Originally being an orchard of Gooseberries, it was Madame Jeanne Dupleix, wife of the then Governor of Pondicherry Monsieur Dupleix, who gave the land to the Jesuits for the housing of the poor Catholics who could not find a place in the heart of Pondicherry.

A BEGINNING: The Foundation stone for the chapel was laid in 1750 and a small building took form. In 1788, for the first time, the apostolic community formed by Mr. Duchoiselle sent Fr. Guirabaldi and Mr. Gibanne to Nellithope.

In 1840, the chapel was completely destroyed by the floods of November.

The Foundation stone for the present church was laid on 18th January, 1841. The then Bishop Most Rev. Hebert started the construction work with only 300 francs (800 rupees then) and 2,00,000 bricks at hand.
The church was completed to its present shape with 7,00,000 bricks, with an additional expense of about 28,000 francs. The church was blessed on 23rd February 1851 by his excellency Bonnand.
The area covered by the church was planned and constructed to be two-thirds of the area of the Cathedral church, Pondicherry.

In 1841, a catholic seminary for boys called “LE PETIT SEMINAIRE” was established at Nellithope with 32 students.

In 1854, Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary established a convent at Nellithope which was later expanded to a school.

Towards 1859, there were 2000 Catholics in Nellithope.
The church was erected has an Independent Parish in 1866 and was looked after by Petit Seminaire school Fathers. Rev. Fr. Michaelnader was the first Indian priest appointed parish priest of Nellithope who served for several years.

Every year, following a Novena, the Parish Feast is being celebrated on 15th of August with awe-inspiring grandeur by the parishioners, with more and more devotees from other parishes and countries adding up every year.

The Assumption church celebrated its 150th year Sesquicentenary Anniversary in 2001 during the tenure of Fr. A. Thomas.

A new Chapel for the adoration of the Blessed Sacrament was built by Fr. A. Arulnantham in 2009.

Bosco Hall, which was constructed by Fr. L. Peyroutet in the year 1964 was in a dilapidated state. Moreover the catholic population of the parish has grown up to a 15,000. So the members of the Council unanimously decided that this building to be demolished and reconstructed to a new one with more space. Just as planned the Foundation stone for the new Bosco Hall was blessed by our Parish Priest Fr. S. Kulandaisamy on the 23rd of January, 2012 and the work is in progress. The construction is proposed to be completed by December 2012 with the prayers and funds from the devotees.

At present, the parish is spiritually lead by our beloved Parish Priest, Fr. S. KULANDAISAMY since 2010. He has served as Financial Admiistrator (Procurator) of the Archdiocese of Pondicherry and Cuddalore from 2005 to 2010. He is being assisted by Fr.Simon Antony Raj since June 2013.

Bearing witness to History and spanning generations, today the Assumption Church stands high and hallowed at Nellithope to bless more generations to come and redeem more souls.

Blessings from our Blessed Mother of Assumption !


Substations with Chapel
St. Antony’s Church,(1935) Attupatty. Tel : 0413 – 2200099
St. Antiony’s Church, Orleanpet
St. Rock’s Church, (1956) St. Rock Street, Nellithope, Puducherry – 605 005

Substations without Chapel

Natesan Nagar
Periar Nagar
Kennedy nagar
Ambethkar nagar
Anna Nagar
Muthamizh Nagar
Subbaiya Nagar

John Paul Nagar
Bharathi Dhasan Nagar
Viduthalai Nagar
Jeyamoorthy Nagar
Ansari Duraisamy Nagar
Thirumal Nagar
Velmurugan Nagar
Mullai nagar

Religious Congregations

  1. I.H.M. Convent, ( FIHM). Tel: 0413 – 2202520
  2. St. Antony’s Convent (M.E). Tell: 0413 – 2200099

Institutions – Eductional

  1. Immaculate Heart High School, (1857) Tel: 0143 – 2202520
  2. Immaculate Heart Boarding (Girls) (1985)
  3. St. Antony’s High School, (1946) Tel: 0413–2203254
  4. St. Antony’s Boarding (Girls) (1946)


Technical & Social

  1. Immaculate Heart Typewriting Institute (1973)
  2. St. Antony’s Tailoring & Embroidery School (1946)
  3. St. Antony’s Multipurpose Community Hall (M.E) Tel: 0413 – 2202300
  4. Crèche

Pious Associations

  • Legion of Mary
  • Carmelites (Men & Women)
  • Don Bosco Youth Association
  • St. Paul’s Youth Association
  • Altar Boys Association
  • Bible Committee